Can't hear Enemies Footsteps ( are you serious)

This company can’t be serious, are you really going to release a unfinished multiplayer product that lacks basic things in order for it to succeed, Since Coalition took Gears over and release Ultimate edition, footsteps were very hard to hear and never was fixed just like wall bouncing. Sometimes when you trying to wall bounce, you won’t even wall bounce towards the wall but walk towards it and get killed. ( This is still a thing in gears 5 smh)

Gears of war 4 had footsteps audio issues when it was released but the coalition fixed it but couldn’t fix the wall bouncing issue.

Gears of war 5 is here and damn, I can hear my teammate footsteps but can’t hear the enemies footsteps. lol. I remember in Exhibit, I was running towards the drop shot and out of nowhere a enemy on my right side of the screen running pass me and killed me.

Didn’t hear no footsteps at all.

What’s your excuse now, " its a different engine from the previous gears" but you had the formula from gears 4, how can you release your game without adding enemies footsteps or you purposely did that so we can have more awareness. You let me know.

Wall bouncing 100% of the time without walking towards the wall probably never get fixed.

Idk how you’re playing but footsteps are LOUD AF when using my headset, and even louder with my soundbar


ya…i can hear footsteps just fine with my headset…mabye upgrade ur hearing aid or get new headset?

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Footstep audio in 5 is fantastic compared to 4, your own running probably drowned out the enemy running or you just weren’t paying attention.

You only hear your teammates which is mention in my post. I use head phones as well. its the game.

The footstep audio in 4 was terrible as well. It’s something with enemies being directly behind you, there’s no audio queue, but you can hear people to the sides quite far out.

I got bad tinnitus so I don’t use gaming headsets anymore and even I can hear enemy footsteps really clearly on my TV I’m actually surprised how great the sound is if I’m honest.

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