Can't get to Diamond from Onyx KOTH

Why is it that I win 12 games in a row in KOTH and only go up 10% in Ranked? But then lose and go down 10%? Please tell me what is the point in trying to get to Diamond of I am getting absolutely nowhere with it?

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Just so you know any concerns/feedbacl/disussions about the ranking system must be posted in the main ranking system discussion and feedbaco thread. This will allow TC to see all the discussions in one place.

Also its worthwhile to post there since Octus does reply to players post. So he can provide an explaination.

But generally koth is where the most skill players playing and diamond rsnk represents a very small % of the population, I believe 0.1%. In that respect, to reach diamond you virtuaoly have to always perform well and always win as well as beating oppoenents of a higher skill level than you.