Cant Get The Game To Launch ( pc )

Iv recently gotten a new computer several months after being out of a machine. I went to install gears yesterday. Install was long as expected. Finally finished. Went and launched…

When I launch the game just pops up with a small black window window that says " Gears of War 4 " and sits there for about 5m then closes. Nothing happens. No error message nothing.

Iv updated my pc and made sure i have the right version of windows. Iv tried Wsreset, cant even get that to work. Iv been looking online for two days now for a solution to fix this

Im a long time die hard gears fan, I am in dire need to get this game working. Any tips or info that anyone has to help solve this issue im having would be greatly appreciated ! thanks !

Do you have an Nvidia GPU by chance? And have you updated the drivers for the GPU?

Yeah I do I a nvidia GPU. Im using GE FORCE Experience to download all my latest drivers. Iv already checked multiple time that I have the most up to date drivers.

I am really unsure what to do at this point. I would uninstall and reinstall, but that 132Gb download is a tank.

Anything iv looked at online iv tried and nothing has worked.

I just wish I was getting some sort of error message to tell me what the issue is. Theres no error message.

Just pops up with the Gears of war 4 logo and a black background in a little window then closes in like 3 minutes.

Download a free app from the Windows Store such as Candy Crush and then play Gears. It’s a known issue (Windows 10 licensing bug of some sort, if I’m using the correct terminology). There is one other possible solution if that doesn’t work, so let me know if that doesn’t fix it.

Yeah I’m at a loss mate, hopefully @API fix works for you