Can't get past this part. Glitch?

So me and my buddies have been playing Gears 5 co op but we get stuck at a certain area where Jack needs to perform an action. However, I see the Jack icon but it won’t respond to it. I also notice that all of Jacks abilities are now gone and I have no idea why. Maybe this has something to do with it.

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This happened to me during my latest run. It was fixed after I reloaded the checkpoint and found jack became responsive again and his abilities were back. Could just give it the old I.T. try and turn it off and on again.

Problem is we’ve come back to this point probably 4 or 5 times over the course of several weekends and it’s the same every time. We just thought we were idiots and overlooking something.

Huh thats a real show stopper there. I honestly don’t know then since its been going on so long. I remember something like this or maybe this exact problem came up before and TC apparently fixed it. I am going to assume you have tried reloading previous checkpoint? Just a few questions though. does jack still have his all the components you collected or do you mean the abilities in the top left corner? Has anyone joined your game and played jack? Had a player join the other day as jack and he couldn’t move or do anything and this was in same area as you.

I may try playing the game single player in a few. I’ve never even played it single player and not sure how that works, whether you can switch between characters to use Jack or what. Looks like abilities are gone and so are components collected. I’ll double check though. We’ve tried this each weekend for the last few weeks. We always play with 3 people and someone actually controlling Jack.

That could work as I found most of the problems that happen with jack seem to happen when someone is controlling him. Single player might solve the problem but im only speculating here. Heads up theres a good chance this will happen again a little further in that area of the game. Don’t wanna give away spoilers on off chance this is your first playthrough lol. Sorry I couldn’t give you a direct fix for this.

I had jack stuck inside of a fish net at the start in oscar’s town and ended up restarting the chapter because the game would not advance without all characters present and reloading checkpoints kept repeating the error.

Don’t worry! The whole Campaign is just a ■■■■■■■ glitch! :unamused:

Ok so I went back two checkpoints (checkpoint before last checkpoint) to resolve the issue so I can move forward. However, all of Jack’s abilities are still gone, and it still says I’ve collected zero components. That’s a problem. How do I resolve that?

Maybe using the Search function of this forum?
This bug is a well known one but I don’t know if somebody could solve it or not… :disappointed:
But I had never played with the Campaign because I heared lot’s of bad things about it (namely: this bug; Bridge-bug; After Boss bug; boring open world; JD beign a semi bad guy; Death of Lizzie, Del or JD, Oscar, Jack etc… etc…)

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Sadly this is why I will not play the campaign,I was hoping that the bugs would be sorted by now,This game,Gears 5 will be one year Old,Next month (September)but I’m still hopeful that the new management will get theses issues fixed :+1:

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I had to :joy:


hahaha Everytime I say it to anyone that scene always plays in my head haha