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Can't get no kills

It says in game that Koth is core and Escalation is competitive tuning. The only difference is the aim assist.

TC has also stated this on the dev streams (that I know not everyone watches).


When the game comes out there will be the option to turn off aim assist.

So happy.

As far as I recall that was going to happen post launch according to Ryan Cleven’s twitter.

Very happy to be proven wrong here.

Definitely not certain for an ETA

Yes I got my info from that tweet too. Forgot about the caveat there.

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I think it was about a week ago that people asked to be able to turn it off and Ryan seemed surprised that people would want that option, so looks like TC have only very recently decided to create a toggle.

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Yeah. If it wasn’t so aggressive I wouldn’t mind it.

I think I know the answer to this,but aim assist is only for hard aim right? It doesn’t help you when hip firing, does it?

That I don’t know (I play on PC with mouse and keyboard rather than controller).

If someone that uses controller could chime in please :slight_smile:

I play gears 4 and tech test on pc with controller feels same as xbox never noticed difference in
Any gears game for aim assist or anything

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Hopefully TC releases details about the aim assist as i don’t know its an xbox + controller only thing.

I play on PC with a controller you can really tell when shooting the Lancer feels like it is dragging your reticle. Although i didnt find it helpful whatsoever. As far as with Gnasher at CQC not sure how it works. And although TC confirmed its there in Gears 4. I never felt it like i did in the Tech Test.

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It was super obvious in bootcamp before I turned that part off. Are you talking about that or versus for the Lancer part?

In Versus KOTH.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Why does this thread still exist?

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WHY and what idiot added aim assist to this game it’s not GTA. Tech test was absolute garbage. Arcade mode is for sniping and king of the hill matches where full of sweaty 5 team squads has to be one of the worst betas to date!!!

TC wants to hear from YOU!

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I couldn’t pick between asking the same about you or being professional and not saying it.

Love you Dave!

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