Can't get into ranked game on PC

Lobby dissolved over and over again. If a game does start, it will boot to menu right before map loads. Ridiculous.

It is because of console players turning off crossplay makes it impossible to get a game on pc anymore. Only way around it is to have someone on a xbox in your party then turning off crossplay no longer works for those jerks.

No need for that.

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Idc I see console players bashing pc all day on here I wasn’t even mean about it grow up.

So you see a few individuals “bashing pc” and so toy blanket an entire playerbase and you want me to grow up?

Good logic :+1:

Why are you everywhere breaking forum rules by inciting arguments?

Breaking rules by pointing out it’s not right to blanket an entire playerbase as “jerks” ?

Ok, you do you, I’m going to leave it there so you don’t get the wrong idea that I’m “inciting an argument”.

Have a good day :v:

Didn’t blanket console players at all man but I did call people who turn off crossplay read next time and have a nice day😁.