Can't find multyplayer matches

I just got to this game and can’t find matchar to play in, in any of the multiplayer modes

Where are you from??
Im from Spain, and play whitout problem KOTH, TDM and Horde.
Escalation waiting time, play.
Dodgeball, execution and guardian are impossible for me, never can play

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Yeah, depends on Region, Timig and whether you are Xbox or PC player.

I can’t find matchs online too. I’m from Brazil and i play on PC. WHat i do to play online?

I’m in the UK and can’t find matches either. It sucks.

Assuming there isn’t an issue going on right now I’d say your issue is that Brazil likely has very few players and you’re on PC. Those two together would likely have an extremely low playerbase.

The game is playanywhere, so I could play with Xbox players. What i do, for can to play online?

You can with anyone in Social and with Xbox players who have cross play turned on for Ranked :+1: