Cant find matches -Xbox 1 - Help!

I recently re-acquired an xbox one solely to play gears (bought on PC what a waste of time) and cant find any matches either on ranked or social play! What am i doing wrong???

Where are you located and which modes are you searching for?

First off, it’s getting a bit late (almost 2 years into this game.) so player population is getting smaller.
This is especially true for locations like Europe, Asia/Australia.
Secondly it depends of time of day/ and especially game mode.
Should try to use LFG for faster searches.

As a Son of Vino - you are doomed to play alone!

Lame jokes aside,

Being uranked can sometimes extend matchmaking times.

My friend also recently got a One and Gears and so his actual level rank was below 50 and his personal rank was at first obviously I ranked.

Peak times EU and it was taking around 10 mins to find a game.

I can know it’s normally within a minute a two find a game peak times in KOTH and TDM.

If that’s the reason, once you’ve got a few games under your belt and are placed, should be a lot easier.

You need 5 men team to find matchs in just 1 minute solo matchmaking not working this way i have stopped playing ranked i hope tc fix this issue