Cant find Batista Gears 5

I read somewhere you unlock Batista by unlocking New Game Plus but, I cant find him anywhere Do I need to complete New Game Plus? I purchased the game on December 22nd.

How many threads do you need? If you want the skin, it’s not available anymore. It was a timed-exclusive and isn’t unlocked through playing the campaign.


Um, yea i read somewhere thats unlocked when you get New game plus but still cant find it, and tell me how i can get the new day/Terminator as DLC but, i cant get Batista?

The actual character skin isn’t unlocked with New Game+. New Game+ just gives you the option to replay the campaign with Batista taking the place of Marcus. The actual character skin can’t be attained anymore as far as I know.

Once at launch, again in April 2020 and again at the end of OP4. You had three chances to get him.

I wasnt around for any of that so…


He will likely be brought back again. Don’t know when though.

Should honestly be a permanen addition to the store. Makes it so easy to filter people you really don’t want in your lobby.


At least it is entertaining when he dies since he just won’t shut up. By the time he respawns, you can still hear him dying. Reminds me of the talking dead Elite in Halo 2 in Uprising.

he should just be put out as DLC like New Day and Terminator but that probably wont happen, I just want to play as Batista in Multiplayer.


Closing as you already have a thread on this topic, and your question has been answered :slight_smile:

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