Can't find any online matches

Can’t find a single match! wth is going on?

That’s probably cuz no one is playing this travesty of a game. I’m sorry, but it’s the truth.

Plethora of issues, garbage tuning, servers. The whole lot. It’s awful. Operation 6 sucks on top of it.


Something definitely is up because Horde MM games are starting without full lobbies more than usual. No clue the reason but I play at all times of day and I’ve never seen so many long wait times to find a match, then start with one or two AI…sometimes in the early AM on a Tuesday, maybe.
But it’s definitely noticable. Maybe everyone is playing Control or Escape from Kadar?

I see pages and pages of custom lobbies now.
So many that I don’t usually start my own because with so much competition the wait is too much.
I still can’t believe you stick with match making instead of custom.

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I only go to custom if I need to master new maps or I feel like a round of 50. I find custom Frenzies to be too meta and boring. Plus, I’m trying to lvl up classes and right now I’m on my combat medic…nobody wants a CM on master. Although I can play Jack with my eyes closed, the only other classes I feel comfortable on master as a shooter are Nomad, Marksman, and Demo…and I got them to 20 long ago. So I stick to inconceivable and the incompetence of public MM players provides some variables that keep me interested without the pressure of having to be uber meta.
Once I go back to finish off my Mechanic and RE, I’ll probably go back to customs for awhile.

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I may try to beggar you to help me do the daily in a custom after I’m done work. I may need the help and if I’m hosting then you can play what you want, I know you’re good :+1:

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