Can't find a match!

I’m in UK, Onyx 3 solo queing… CAnt find a game. Can somebody. look at my account? I’ve been waiting 30 minutes… rediculous


Suggest you LFG. Getting harder to search Solo. Or wait a few hours until more people play in your region.

Its 6pm… theres obviously people playing this games just broken…


Playing in a group makes it easier to find matches.

Same cant find a match comes every time error 0x00000bf4 fix the server tc!!!

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I’m in Vancouver BC Canada, as of right now it quit me back to the main menu after looking for a lobby for 18 minutes in TDM.


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Seems there are certain issues as of now with the online services,

I’m in UK looking for a social match but it keeps disconnecting think there’s a problem with the servers have given up for the moment

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its for madden not for gears, Everything was working this morning.

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They don’t always list every game affected.


I’ve started playing Gears again recently after a break. I have the same issue, can never find games. In any mode or any tuning. This is the worst title in the series for finding games after initial launch period.