Cant find a match! PLEASE HELP!

Hi All, Im from ARGENTINA and i cant find a online match could you please help me? i have just payed the gold suscription and its horrible that i cant use it for playing Gears Online. The game iniciates normaly, then i press to join a match and startes to search, but its an infinite search because it doesnt find anything. I tried changing my location but it is still the same :frowning:

Please someone help me ,

User: TimedTuna532356

I suggest you use LFG. More people in a lobby makes it easier to find matches.

man , I am from Brazil and I was running with the same issue,

now I am able to find matches in 2 minutes, but , restricted to horde mania or casual matchmaking …

Well if you two team up, only 3 more are needed :smiley:

Or just get an american to be in the lobby :kissing_heart:

I’m from Brazil and basically can’t play ranked matches for several months now, only horde and social.

I’m sure changes that TC did were good for US players, but killed ranked matches on regions with low online population.

thats true…