Can't find a game to save my life

In US, usually able to find one…

Not tonight… 5+ minutes before I cancel and retry.

My wife is playing right now and she said she is not having any issues getting into games. Where are you located?


I think it might just be KOTH. I’m also on PC… so i’m not able to play with folks who have crossplay turned off. My fiance’s asleep or I’d have her try her xbox lol.

Yea my wife plays on xbox and she has cross play on but she plays Execution, Guardian and TDM

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Rank might also be a factor… less games as you go up.

I’m O2 in most modes but I’m O3 pushing D1 in Koth and I’ve noticed my game load has dropped quite a bit when I play solo on that mode.

Oh yea see she just started getting back into gears shes like gold 3 in Guardian and TDM and only Gold 1 in Execution

Ive been having the same issue, also playing on PC. I let a KOTH queue go for an hour and nothing ever popped.

I prefer to play Gears on PC because its just overall a better experience but because of the rapid declining population I wait too long for matches so more often then not I play on the xbox but even that has longer wait times than id like.