Can't execute enemies in FFA

I’m encountering a bug that makes me unable to execute enemies in Free For All with my preferred strategy. If I drop my Gnasher, then down an enemy with a grenade tag, leaving me with no weapons, I can’t execute my DBNO opponent. The prompt appears and the meter fills up as I hold the button, but then nothing happens when it’s full. This bug is preventing me from winning any FFA matches. Please fix!

Lol wait… your preferred strategy is to drop your weapon and tag people with a smoke grenade?

Yes, using a flash bang usually gets me stunned so I’m helpless

I tried executing @TC_Clown with the fornicator and that did not work either, It id not even fornicate him.


Hes unfornacatable…



Oh ok that makes… wait this makes no sense lol. Why don’t you just keep the gnasher? What am I missing?

There is a lot of truth to this


The Gnasher is a crutch

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