Cant even play this game anymore

Ive been trying to stick with this game but nothing seems to be changing. All my friends who played this game have stopped and im stuck playing solo. Does this game even match you with players with similar skill set? My teammates act like its their first time playing Gears and im going through the constant routine of just turning my xbox off mid game becuase its no fun anymore.If youre not going to listen to feedback you guys are getting then dont be shocked when you have no more people playing your game


This game is rough af! My wife even noticed she’s like why are you playing this game it irritates you so much? I was like I don’t know it’s gears I play them all. Right now I’m off and I’m not touching the game. Football all day gears can kiss my ■■■.


Just play on custom servers that are shotgun/sniper only that’s where you’ll find most pros.

    I wanna talk about quitting ranked matches, KOTH  mostly, but honestly any ranked match when a player quits. If you are a solo player such as myself, you are bound to have a  teammate quit almost half the time you are  in ANY ranked playlist, KOTH being the worst imo. Forget about the teir system, in KOTH it is ridiculously hard to move up past Silver 2 and 3. Not due to lack of skill, but to players quitting/afk the entire match. I know it goes by points and rounds won/rounds lost, There is literally no correlation between rounds won/lost to the skill of a player, considering the losses due to afk/quitting player. Where you can still climb up the ranks with points, they are harder to obtain in a 4v5 setting. There are so many ways TC can attempt to lessen this from happening, and hopefully they do something about it soon. 

As an avid KOTH player, this is really upsetting and it seems to me that the team gets punished more than the player on it who quit. All strategy go down the tubes on 4v5 KOTH. 20 minutes of frustration and attempt awaits almost half the time and it is ridiculous. FFA and harsh penalty is the best thing to do imo.