Can't even play private horde anymore after the latest update

I don’t play versus much anymore, hard to play solo but I do play horde with my kids. I should say I used to play horde with my kids. The game constantly kicks us out of the session after so many waves. Sometimes we get to wave 9 or 23 then out of nowhere we start to de-sync and kicked out of the game. It really makes me not want to play the game at all anymore. This needs to be fixed!

Are you using Lizzie as one of your characters by any chance? She has a bug at the moment that makes the game crash.

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■■■■ I didn’t know. My daughter started using her and that’s when the crashing started. Is there anyway to avoid it like certain cards or abilities or just don’t use the character?

Just dont use lizzie at all…until a confirmed fix comes.


I’d say don’t use her at all. With me I noticed that it would always crash while I used the salvo on the silverback.

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I have no problem with Lizzie on horde or escape if she DIDN’T use her ultimate. I played horde 1 to 50 with Lizzie in the team and no crashes, only a wave 50 fail because she can’t use the ultimate.

Thanks a lot guys!