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Can't even find a match!

You guys have medals for this & that. I’m TRYING to get 100 ring captures, yet can’t even find an escalation game in Europe! I sat waiting for 25 minutes before calling it quits & you wonder why this game is a flop?

I just left a message on twitter a bit ago. I quit playing pvp versus a while ago because of all the matchmaking issues and ping. I tried to do an AI versus match and I think the company thinks the furthest the server the better and higher the ping is better. I even tried custom horde and the lobby is all messed again. So needless to say I shut the game off 5 minutes in.

I can’t wait until Doom and Halo come out because this company will never get it and don’t deserve to have this franchise. MS is just as much to blame for letting this happen. It’s to bad but Gears was my number one go to game but after operation 3 comes out chances are Gears will be done.

To add on to it I’m not saying Cliffy B will be the savior but they will not bring in someone from the outside because if they do and they fix it then it will be the nail in their incompetence coffin as a company.

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I think there’s something wrong on their side. I can’t even play Private Escape. Have been playing for the past 2 hours and suddenly no maps loading for me now.

Yep, just got a new error message never seen before.

Server allocation failed, please try again.

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