Can't Drop Weapons

I don’t come on here to complain much but What the ■■■■ is the coalition doing? Dropping weapons for Jack is a great strategy veteran horde players use all the time to increase power. I see they didn’t add this removal on patch notes. They are either trying to be sneaky and take it out. Or its a glitch . With that all said PLEASE fix this.

its temporary disabled because of the duplication glitch


8 months since you last been here and complained.

Guess you will have to not come back now for at least 9 months if you want to beat your record.

I mean, it’s a very valid complaint lol. Feeding Jack weapons to salvage was insanely efficient but now we have to wait a couple weeks for a non-bandaid fix.

In the meantime, OP, I suppose you’re gonna have to keep an empty weapons locker that Jack can grab salvage weapons off of that you bring back.

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