Cant download ultra textures on Windows

Just starts at 70% and gets stuck at 70%. Anyone have a fix that doesn’t involve uninstalling and reinstalling? Not an option on crappy Australian internet,
Why not have a separate download page like Steam? Pretty disappointing.

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This seems to be the solution.

Unfortunately it does require a redownload, which is paintfully slow on fraudband.

Well looks like I wont be playing it then. If they cant do something as simple as downloading a texture pack then its not worth my time. Have it download outside of the game client next time. Glad I didn’t spend any money on this trash or I’d be getting a refund.

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This is not a solution. It doesn’t work. Not for everyone. I tried this along with many other things. Please stop spreading misinformation

It worked for many people and I listed it as a potential workaround. Not sure what is with your attitude.

I uninstalled and re-intalled the game 5 times already, thank god im on 200MBps cable
It doesnt help me, I get stuck, shows 70% and in MS Store Download section i get “Name Not Available” download that shows Error, no matter what i do, restart, press download, pause, it stops and shows error.
Game installed on 2TB NVMe that has 1TB free space

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Didnt worked, 5 times unisntalled reinstalled, set both my windows 10 settings app downloads to F drive and the xbox App has simialr option where to downlaod games, they both set to F [my NVMe]
Has 1TB free space so not an issue
Give us STANDALONE DOWNLOAD FILE, i cant play this game now, whats going on, just make it manual download, how hard is this can be.
This bug also kills Gears 5 patch downlaods, the moment I have this [Als unremovable ,no matter how many times I click on the x] “Name not avalible download” [it appearst he moment i press on Ultra texture downlaod after fresh gears re-install] When new Gears patch comes out it also stuck and cant be downlaoded untill i uninstall the game and re-install and then not touch the ultra textures option

Sorry this didn’t work for you

It’s working for me now after moving the game to C:\ drive and reinstalling. But I’d like to reiterate that this is NOT an acceptable solution. Nobody should have to ever install game on C:\ drive and this is sheer incompetence from TC / Microsoft that they can’t deal with non-system drives when every other piece of software can.