Can't do knife kills

(KaptenCapDePula) #1

2 times now where knife execution has faild… What is up with the game?! With all these bugs i’m starting to hate the game insted of loving it… Gow 5 is no longer something I can look forward to. Thx for this…

(Omen LP) #2

after you kick them, you have to move a little towards them and then press the execution button… It won’t work just standing there… That usually just gets you killed :slight_smile:

(TGLT Clutch) #3

lol, imagine kicking someone and just standing. I always tend to hold my stick forward and I have never failed a knife execution unless someone else killed me while mantle kicking

(xFribbo) #4

Please tell me this thread is a meme.

(sancris777) #5

When i first played i use to be able to do the knife execution a lot but usually if i try to mantle kick someone they just blind fire the shotgun and i die

(Omen LP) #6

haha, I have fun with these, even if they counter… The caption on this video of mine was “I don’t care if you DO know KungFu!” :slight_smile:

(KaptenCapDePula) #7

Iv 'e done it both ways… Nothing. They keep changing the game and now its broken. How can we trust them?

(OneButtNugget) #8

man…u r so rite!!! i cant do nife execution 2222222!!!