Can't connect to the servers

I’m not too sure how many people have this issue but I couldn’t connect the servers since early access and I still can’t. It says “A connection to Gears of War services could not be established. Please check your online connection and try again.” I’m able to connect to every other Xbox Live game except Gears 5. Help?


I’m having the exact same problem. I can play any game online with no problem. The only one is gears of war 5

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Yep same issue. Haven’t found any info online about it. Submitted a support ticket ages ago with no response.

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Same here and my friend as well

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I currently have the same issue but mines started about a week or so ago. If I do get into a multiplayer game I get a pretty high ping (200-600 region) and the “dropped packet” and “wifi” logos on the bottom of the screen.

Eventually I get booted out to the blue omen screen and get disconnected from GoW services.

I submitted a ticket for this on Wednesday but I’m not holding out hope.

It’s irritating because this seems to have randomly started. I was playing with no issues at all in the tech test and the first 4 days of early access.

I’m having the same problem, i can play any Game, but gears 5 and 4 don’t connect, i submitted a ticket but they don’t give any response,

I was having this issue today, couldn’t sign in and couldn’t connect with Windows 10. Then I went into Win10 PC Settings and searched for Date & Time Settings and toggled ON automatically set time. I was then able to connect in Gears 5.
What an absolute joke of a sign in system.

Same here like it just won’t let me in a game

Same here

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My favorite game of all time pretty much, only game I come back to. However it is quite unfortunate to say it is, the worse game I have experience on. Before my biggest issue I had encountered was constant disconnecting, I want to say it is related to my side of internet, but it was not. Would just disconnect and see the symbol and everyone running in one direction cause the DC. I would check my desktop and boom would disconnect my entire internet. Never had this with any game, where it actually disconnects my router from WiFi. Tried a cable too, same issue would be worse too somehow only temp fix I could do is switch from WiFi to cable to just test what best results I got.

That was the old problem I had, somehow it fixed its self after a very long time probably due to an update that fixed it finally. Now with that problem out the way, I got this problem now too. Everything else is connected and working, tried sea of thieves and fallout 76 (both from the Microsoft store to make sure) and they connected to servers just fine. Made sure everything was updated from windows to the Microsoft store. Absolutely nothing but a waste of time did not make anything work.

I was playing just fine on September 25th tried the 26th and got this unable to connect issue. You can tell there is a issue with connecting because it takes forever to boot the, main press a button to enter menu prompt screen.

Before the issue was somehow fixable through frustrating tactics, only because I love gears so much. Now the game is completely unplayable. I haven’t even bought the game yet, and I have spent over $200 on the game, to completely lock someone out that has invested this much into the franchise just because I want to see it strive and like it that much, is just ridiculous. I have never felt so unfairly treated in my life. All we ask for is support for these problems and we can’t even get a “We will look into it”. I spend countless of time keeping up with other peoples post because, I am certain it will be left in the dark like its a problem a number of people are experiencing, but they don’t care to think some of those people really want to play the game.

TC’s response to my first issue was never even voiced whether or not if they actually fixed the problem of disconnecting. I am just assuming they did because the problem resolved its self after a long time. I just really want to see some support for fans of the franchise who are unable to play because of problems residing on Gears of War’s side and not the consumer. Even a “noted” or “we will investigate this issue further” is all I need to know you guys are at least aware of the problem and will come out with some solution eventually,

Do not know if this helps but, error code “Kinnerlake” I recieve sometimes which translates into “Request timed out.”


IM having the same thing