Cant claim rewards (snowball fight)

I completed the task of killing 100 players in snowball fight, but it wont let me claim the 2 boomshot skins… It clearly says claim reward… Is anyone else having this issue?


Same problem I have 118 kills and can’t claim the reward

I have met the requirements for a certain reward on gears of war 4 but when i go to claim the reward on this site, it wont let me. The reward i am referring to is about the two boomshots you get when you kill 100 players in Snowball fight. I have made 110 kills, still no luck on claiming reward. Is any one else having this issue… I appreciate any help i can get…

I could use some help please

I rebooted my console, and my router… Still nothing…

Surely some one could help with this issue

Moved your other post here to keep it all in one place,

In case others are having issues will keep it in this thread.

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I can’t claim it either but then only played 3 games and got 30 kills :grin:, Still feel for you, you work to get the payment and then you find you won’t get paid when promised.
That really sucks

I turned off the system and back on and it allowed me to claim it.hooe thia helps

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