Can't change loadout

So, in multiplayer, there’s an option to change loadout. But, if I push that, I still can’t figure out how to change it. Am I missing something, or does this button not really do anything?

It doesn’t do anything in non-Escalation modes. Flashes were removed from loadouts and there is a plan for them to come back but it’s been a couple months now.

In Escalation, it allows people to equip alternate loadouts depending on what was placed between rounds.

That’s kind of frustrating. I would much rather use the enforcer than the gnasher. I’m glad they balanced it a little, but from what I understand it’s kind of OP in Gears 5. I’ve never liked using the gnasher even since the original. It’s always just seemed too easy and too meta. I find it weird that more people don’t ask this question with the button. I tried researching it like 3 times before asking. Anyways, thanks for your answer! I hope they bring it back soon.

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@Shaldares more people dont ask b/c everyone knows that. And im not saying be a jerk. Its been a talking point since launch.

It would be great to go back to Gears 3 or J’s multitude of options. It is so refreshing when you return to those games and have so much choice.g

Not gonna happen though, I understand Ranked but in social why not ?

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Arcade has different load outs.

#leavesocialalone (except remove guardian)

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Yeah, I’ve spoken up many times on this. The game feels a little boring with limited ways to play. You risk that when you focus too much on balancing a small set of weapons and changing things around with them all the time. And the result is the same weapons and gameplay every time you play. Which gets stale.

After a couple matches of dominating and generally doing well I feel like I’ve beaten the game and I’ve seen all it has to offer. Every once in awhile I’ll get the urge to do it all over again. But there’s not enough variety in ways to play to keep me here for playing weeks on end. Or even several hours.

It seems also so weird to me that they scrapped the DBS entirely. Why not a power weapon? Overkill is way more OP than the DBS… strange. Could be used in horde. It doesn’t even make sense from a lore perspective.

I dunno. Just lost potential all round IMO.

Arcade is for … Well not Gears people at any rate :ok_hand::+1:

Oh Yeah!

Personally I loved gears of war ultimate edition one of the only games of gears of war I played but when I tried the gears 5 story i just didn’t like it plus they should’ve just repaired Sam instead of adding jack I had a attachment to Sam but this isn’t about me yeah I don’t like gears five load out limitations it’s the worst ive seen for multiplayer games with guns