Can't blow up frags when downed?!?!?

Anyone else this happened to?

Happens to be alot and its frustrating!


Yes and in all PvE when you get downed while pressing right trigger, you instakill yourself.

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I think we discovered a new bug. If Keegan plants incendiary grenades and they are detonated, it destroys all fortifications. I’m referring to Horde only. Our Keegan accidentally planted too many grenades and killed himself in the explosion. The fire burned the barriers and turned them yellow really quick. For some strange reason he planted one inside the base near a sentry and a Juvie got in. It also destroyed the sentry after an enemy trigger followed by detention. The Keegan was a random, so couldn’t test due to lack of communication. I’m referring to Baird’s level one and two barriers. I don’t know if Del is affected by this.