Cannot Reconnect to Ranked Match

The day of the Operation 4 patch, I played my first Ranked match and disconnected halfway through the match. Not only was I NOT able to reconnect to the match, my team mates could not re-invite me, and I was given a penalty from RANKED matchmaking AND Quickplay matchmaking. So because the game dropped me from the game, did not let me join, it went and punished me from being able to play for 20 minutes. Why on earth would I keep playing a game that does this to me?


Same here I got 7 hour suspension cuz I got disconnected. They need to let u rejoin like before This Operation. I don’t get it

Oh so there IS a quit penalty? I’m glad. Just wish they would fix it so people aren’t wrongly punished. I have lagged out of a couple matches and luckily it didn’t suspend me

Since the Op4 came out the game has crashed 3 times (2 the game and one the whole pc), causing me to leave the matches, and only in one he let me return, but because of the other 2 it penalized me with 16 hours and 35 hours, respectively.
This game is still manure.

Dropped me again from a Ranked match today, then suspended me from matchmaking for an hour. Thanks a lot.