Cannot rank up, only down

is anyone else unable to rank up, and only rank down?? no matter my score or performance, MVP’s and etc, it wont rank up at all

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The search is a great feature


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For the love of God… Ranking up is possible.

Based on score per minute. Not K/D. It’s been established.


It hasn’t. On the dev stream yesterday they said there is no simple formula for rank points, and that details regarding the rank system are not yet known. The idea that it’s determined by score per minute is just something that’s gained acceptance because it’s repeated often.


Other team losers a player…so my deaths go down to basically 1 or 2 for the rest of the match…I lose 710 points…

Their point system is a joke.


And it’s been established that the tier system has been broken since last night. There is absolutely NO reason why I should be getting -1000 points in a single game of Guardian.

Prior to last night, the worst negative points I had received was maaaaybe -300. Like I did really bad that game. I’m talking 5-16, every kill being an elimination, and just nothing going my way. With this mind, I want you to explain to me how the hell I’ve been getting -600 to -1000 points in games where I absolutely handle the other team? MVPs, flawless 15+ games, double/triple gnasher kills, etc.

Don’t take this as I’m boasting, but I’m sick and tired of seeing “iTz Ur SpM, dudezzz.” The thing is bloody broken. I’ve been knocked down to Silver 1, despite all my stats, including SPM, on the rise.


you know what surprised me, I was stuck at onyx 1 93% for about 20 tdm matches. I just skipped to 49% onyx 2. I guess it was stuck?

Same here got sent back -2500 points in gaurdaian for no reason and then -1400 in tdm after going 15 kills 5 deaths

I believe the official response is to go back to GOW4 if you’re wanting an enjoyable ranked experience.

I just don’t get how this is so hard to make a ranking system, just port it from the previous game ffs.

I was able to make it to diamond 1 by playing TDM solo. I’m pretty sure, If played a match today and got mvp, it would set me back all the way down to gold lol