Cannot play Multiplayer with Game Pass

I recently moved from Game Pass Ultimate to Game Pass (normal version) I have no longer as much time to play as before.

I cannot play anything (multiplayer, horde, etc). Maybe is a dumb question but I am unsure if you can only play multiplayer with Ultimate

P.D. I bought a digital copy before buying Game Pass Ultimate.

You need to buy Gold. Game Pass Ultimate is game pass + gold. I used to buy the 12 month cards for $59.99. Since all I played was Gears and owned the games, it only cost $5/mo.

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Yea, unfortunately you need Gold to play the games you own online… If you’re playing gamepass you need ultimate to, both, play the games AND go online.

It’s weird but totally worth it

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Yeah, I should have said if you think you actually need game pass, then going back to GPU is probably the way to go.

If you just want to play what you own, then the 12 months of gold is your best value. No game pass needed.

I collect Microsoft points which I use to buy XBL vouchers, so in effect it doesn’t cost me anything (except a bit of time). I’m totally topped up until end of 2024.

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You need gold to play online. You need gamepass to access the hundreds of games MS has on the service if you haven’t purchased them outright. The only games you can play online without gold/ultimate are free to play titles.

I was about to be like “MS points haven’t been a thing since about 2015”. Then realized you were talking about the MS rewards program.