Cannot log in to eleauge stream

I clicked on the link on the gears 4 home screen. And it takes me to internet explorer and then to the live stream on twitch… do I need to sign into twitch?

You need to watch it on and sign in there. You wont get the skin if you watch over Twitch.

And atm the skin quest is bugged, it says 0 minutes watched while I have been watching since the start. Of course on

I was logged in and watched for well over 90 minutes and still shows 0/60. Hopefully it will update?
Or is that just wishful thinking?

same here, 1 hour 40 mins and its still says 0/60

@the-coalition please can you just say we all watched this for the required 60 mins

btw, this was the update on twitter, (but that was a while ago)

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And they wonder why fans have no confidence with this company, they’re already starting where they left off. This just re-enforces they didn’t learn anything with Gears 4 issues. @TC_Octus @the-coalition

I’m having the 0/60 problem as well. Frankly it’s pissing me off. I really want this skin

Ya after 3 hours of watching and 12/60 I have given up and would like to thank TC once again satisfying this great community like you usually do. @TC_Octus @the-coalition

You can try again tomorrow, the skin is also earnable during that stream and from what I can tell the time from today adds up with that from tomorrow. If you had the time to keep this stream running it may have been more beneficial to play or do something else alongside the stream if you only cared for the skin. I sure know that I was busy… with things like this.

Not a great picture quality wise… but I don’t know how to take pics from a PS4 and get them on a different device. So this’ll have to do.

I hope this helps the community I finally got my Kate 4+ hours later. I started watching on the xbox and then I switched to an Ipad and it worked. My buddy also had the same issue and did the same thing got off the xbox to another device and it worked. TC you’re an embarrassment to this franchise and if Gears 5 is not great and by the looks of it, it’s not looking good, congratulations you get a ribbon for the End Of Gears. @TC_Octus @the-coalition. I know Octus is a middle guy for the community and company sorry you have to hear so much negativity.

Please see THIS thread for an update