Cannot log in to eleauge stream

I am trying to get Kait but when i try to log in it says, “network error”. PLEASE HELP

happens to me if i try it on an incognito tab, and on my chrome tab that it works the counter is stuck at 0/60

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There’s lots of problems with the stream at the moment. Lots of “network errors” keep popping up and the stream stops and goes blank, and the eSports Kait counter isn’t working.

Hopefully TC will fix it.

In the past they’ve been good and checked players who were logged in and gave them the rewards straight up if there were problems.

Just keep trying. There’s also tomorrow so no need to panic just yet.

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Every event theres a problem.

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But are you able to log in, in general? Cause i can’t log into my xbox account.

i had the stream open on a chrome tab 30 mins before the stream started and it works on that right, but if i create a new tab and go on it doesnt let me log in

If they check logged in accounts and i cannot even log in, how am i going to get the reward? Haha, idk i’m just trying to log in and it’s not letting me

Which tab are you using to log in?

I had some problems at first too.

I tried logging in using the log-in button in the top right corner which took me to a Microsoft log-in screen. After that it didn’t register but I was able to log in via the Rewards tab (the middle of the three tabs) which prompted me to “log in for rewards” (or whatever). It worked after that.

Wheres the rewards ‘tab’? I just typed in the URL the kait quest gave me.

log in works for me now on all tabs however its still stuck at 0/60

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Now i’m logged in but idk about the 0/60 yet.

I’m using this link. Once the page loads there should be three tabs below the screen footage -from left to right - (1) chat room; (2) rewards; and (3) Twitter.

0/60 here aswell!

TC have acknowledged that there’s a problem with the Reward Counter and are working on fixing it.

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Getting a 0/60 also

let me guess they announced it on twitter

Thank you for the update! I’ve been aggravated lol

Maybe it is working still and we cant see it? But it kicks me out but i dont know im kicked out until i reload page. Also when I got to rewards it has a loading red bar but it never goes away or says network error once and awhile so I hope it eventually works I guess. I never got one of the other rewards a long time ago because I didnt know it wasnt working.

I got a littel note on the bottom of the stream which said they are aware of the issue and are currently working on it and wanna fix it ASAP

They should just stop with rewards for watching all together and make it earnable in game. Plus that way they can get the true number of people who actually want to watch gears esports