No matter what the tech support told me to do this problem of NOT being able to launch my Gears of War 4 on MY xbox1 PERSISTS. Gears Creators need to help with this issue.

Someone once told me they deleted their gamer tag from their Xbox and recovered it to fix this issue with Forza. Did you try this yet?

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No, it has been suggested but after further review I was told not to delete my profile.

Why would you be told not to delete it? All of your saves are backed up to the Cloud so you shouldn’t lose anything. I’ve never had any issues when switching from Xbox One to Xbox One S to Xbox One X.

I was told I would lose xp’s and progress… my profile can log in and play on another console just NOT my own! I don’t know how to go about deleting my gamer tag and still being able to access it to add it back… just not tech savvy. I’ve never done it before. Will check in to this further. Thank you.

Your progression won’t be lost. No idea who would spread that false information.

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Every time I update the game it freezes at the main menu. I just wait a minute and it goes back to normal. I don’t know what exactly your problem is, but I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling. You will not lose any progress/achivements/etc.

Okay, thank you.

I remember back on the 360 Gears 3 would freeze at the start screen and someone on youtube said to delete profile data or something like that from the hard drive and i did that and i lost all of my multiplayer progress and all of my skins and everything lol

Lol, ouch. But remember Xbox 360 didn’t sync everything the same way Xbox One does. :laughing:

Well for this guy’s sake I hope that’s true

buying a new xbox1 TODAY… tired of trying to figure this out. Since it’s accessible from my sister’s console it should work fine with a New console… hope so anyway! This console will go back… just bought it in Jan . ho hum.

That was a completely different issue. That was when your profile would be glitched in gears 2 or 3 and not allow you to enter the game. The ONLY was to fix that was to delete (and wipe) your Gears 2 or 3 data.

to me it does not let play gears 4, I start it and it only gets gears and it takes me out I do not know what it is and I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and nothing, this happened since the last update.