Cannot host or join a Co-op campaign

Is anyone having playing gears5 co-op campaign?? I can play solo campaign,multiplayer escape and horde, but I cannot play co-op campaign or no one can join my hosted game I or they just keep getting timed out. Steps that I’ve taken so far.
1 checked Nat type and that is set to open
2 checked multiplayer connection np there
3checked network connection and that is fine
4 uninstalled gears then reinstalled it.

I’m still having the same problem I’ve submitted a ticket so I guess I’ll have to wait untill they get back to me. I’m just curious if anyone is having this problem or has a solution.

I have the exact same problem on both Xbox One and Windows 10.

I can however load up no problem with a different account.

Are you able to connect with a different account?

Not tried that tbh I’m trying to do the 3player co-op in hive buster so it needs to be this account lol they I may try my partners Xbox and a different internet provider. If that doesn’t work then god knows