Cannot get past loading screen

Hello I’m REALLY lookin forward to playing, however it seems i cannot get past the loading screen.

The game never starts. I only see the game-makers-loading-screen, then it just “turns off” back to desktop and the game has shut down.

Every other game works (once i installed FrostPunk and it did the same, so i never played it) All others i have played work however 20+ games.

i7 4790k - 16gb 2400 - 2070super - m2 ssd - win 10 pro - everything official & stock

there is no error code, simply the game shuts off -

I tried re-installing ofc.

Please assist and let me know what info you need from me to get this working - Thanks!

edit: i also followed your “guide” on how to delete the game cache and sfc scannow = no issues