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Cannot find Escalation matches


(Gears of War GB) #1

As of February 2019. I cannot find any Escalation matches.

On Win 10 PC platform, Gamertag: [Gears of War GB]. I live in UK. So should be Europe West server.

I tried numerous times in the evening 6pm - 12midnight. (Which should be theoretically the peak time for people who got in from School/Work.)

However no matches found. I am sick of waiting. Seems there isn’t even a population counter like GOW3 which gives estimated player total in the mode.

This was also the same issue back when the Pink Phantom skins were a challenge relating to Escalation. They were unobtainable for me.

Also Escalation mode does not feature in the ‘Co-Op vs AI’, ‘Competitive warmup’ & ‘Social quick match’ playlists.

And lastly, which is not a surprise, the Private Versus mode has the Ribbons disabled. (This was with a player on the other team and all 8 bots on Casual)

Which I think is fraud due the the Ribbons not stating anything about being an Online requirement.

As long as the said task is performed in game, the Ribbons should show.

Therefore due to a domino effect the ‘Chest Candy’ achievement is unobtainable, which therefore denies ‘Seriously 4.0’ achievement too.

This is an issue which needs to be fixed TC.

And before anyone says “why didn’t you play versus early on”… not everyone likes Versus mode… I prefer Horde only.

(III EnVii III) #2

Low player base, the only hope you have is TDM but even that can struggle, TC have already killed KOTH for EU players.

Last night it decided to put me in a TDM lobby with 210 ping v players who had 20-30 ping…

(SoccerCoachXtrm) #3

I live in the U.S. and have been playing Gears 4 since Christmas 2018. Since that time, I have spent several hours trying to get ranked in all versus modes.

I have never once gotten into a ranked match of Dodgeball, Arms Race, Warzone, or Escalation. I know the game was released nearly 2.5 years ago, but here is an interesting point:

Last night I played Gears 3. In less than 2 hours I was able to play 1 match each of: King of the Hill, Team Deathmatch, Warzone, Execution, Wingman, and Capture the Leader.

Gears 3 was released in 2011, and yet it has a strong player base.

(UniversalTuning) #4

TC stop neglecting our friends in the EU they love Gears and want to play the game.

(Duffman GB) #5

Wanting to play my new rank placement games, not a chance. Over the last few days (evenings, uk) i have spent a combined 90 mins trying to find a single game!

KOTH is also taking forever, but we all know that.

(Belkain) #6

If you’re after the ribbons and can’t find a match then you should wait for Core Escalation which should be available for some time before / during the final esports event on April.

Core escalation is a shorter version with core tuning, mid joining and bot back filling. Being public, you can get all the ribbons. I still don’t understand why TC didn’t make it a permanent social playlist.

My last eacalation game was on early 2018, crossplay off and low population took care of that.

(Gears of War GB) #7

Appreciate the responses, seems I am not the only one.

@ Belkain ~ Great point, will look out for this as it should boost player count.

Update April 25th 2019:
So I have been playing some of the latest Special Event which is Escalation. I have been able to obtain Ribbons relating to the Escalation game type. Great news. However I discovered a new issue. The Coalition have changed the winning total rounds from 7 to 5. meaning the ‘My House’ Ribbon is still unobtainable. I did on the Special Event Escalation manage to get 5 straight wins, but this Ribbon did not unlock. Which was expected. I wonder if The Coalition could match the Ribbon to this new game settings of 5? Which I very much doubt.

(El Ninio GRE) #8

Same issue for me here. Escalation matches are almost impossible to be found no matter how much time I wait for the game to establish a connection. I managed to get almost all of the escalation-specific ribbons in the recent Special Event but with a winning score of 5 instead of 7, the “MY HOUSE” ribbon could not be obtained.

Kind request to TC:
Please add Escalation in “CO-OP VS A.I.” mode (with 7-round requirement to win)… or you could remove the requirement for the “MY HOUSE” ribbon in order to obtain the “Chest Candy” achievement (just as you did with Ole, Not Today and Smorgasbord ribbons).

(Gears of War GB) #9

Yes, thank you for your input to this on going issue.

(Redfox888) #10

If you can group with 1 just 1 other player from the us east coast with an xbox with crossplay turned on, preferbly ranked gold or below. This will give you the biggest player base to search from because they have essentially seperated us so much that half of players arent even seen by the other half. This is due to everybody whining and complaining about cheaters that lag spike their way to victory and quitters deranking them for losing.

(III EnVii III) #11

Definitely, the best way to find a match right now.

(Gears of War GB) #12

The Coalition designed the ranking and matchmaking this way, and the best we can do is to use a “workaround” to join different population pools. This is unacceptable.

(III EnVii III) #13

Yeah, they made it worse in Season 6.

Now you have to use workarounds meaning there was no point in the first place.