Cannot connect to online versus

Guys whats going on? I’ve been playing this game quite a lot lately without any problems. Suddenly starting today the game threw me out mid game and i cannot reconnect to the gears 5 servers anymore. This has been so for hours… I tried resetting my xbox and also resetting my router + mac adress. But nothing is working. Every other game works perfectly online and my wired connection is of great quality. Anyone else has been having these issues? i really don’t understand whats the problem here.


Try quitting the Gears 5 app; shut down; unplug power cable; wait 5 minutes; plug power back in; log on to Gears 5

Tried this and sadly this didn’t work :frowning:

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My condolences

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I’ll tag @Buster_McTunder because he had this problem before

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Yeah really sucks. I’ve been really addicted these past two weeks or so to gears mp and really enjoying it. Don’t even want to play anything else and now i cant anymore lol…

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Ah I talked about this with someone yesterday.

@VinAr, I had an issue like this about two weeks ago, where every other game I owned was running at peak performance with no lag, but I couldn’t get into even a Private Horde match without it kicking me about and booting me from the game.

I’m not sure what causes it, in my experience it just happened to go away when I started to complain on the Forums so hope it’ll be the same for you.

In seriousness I’d try using a different source (If you have unlimited try a phone hotspot) or make sure all of your games are working. If not then get back into the game once a day and see if the problem manages to go away. I’ve said before I’m no expert but just waiting and resetting things seems to work.

A lot of issues started popping up around March–but that was right before OP3 dropped and the Xbox/Gears servers with smacked with a lot of traffic with this whole quarantine situation, that’s why they took the Xbox app offline.

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Allright well that really sucks for a company this big getting people connection issues. Everything else works indeed very fast and smooth. It’s just a shame cuz i have alot of time for the moment due personal reasons and was really getting back into this game again. Ah well i’ll give it some time and try some more resetting. Hopefully it’ll fix itself soon so i can get back earning my stars! Thanks for replying!

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It’s a product of the lockdowns keeping people home and giving them more traffic than they’ve adjusted too in the past. Like when the game launched on Gamepass and they didn’t have preparations to handle the high traffic they got.


I’ll suppose your right! Thanks again!


I’ve got the same problem since yesterday. Tried restarting the network as well to no avail. I can see people on my friends list playing just fine.

I’ve opened a ticket but days wait time for a reply is 14 days.

Pff What a damn joke i still cannot connect to the game… So sad! I never had any big connection issues all those years of gaming and now this… Really sad!

Tried logging another account and works just fine. The issue seems account related


Well i only have one account so i wonder how to fix this. Maybe i’ll try to delete the game and reinstall again. Hopefully that doe something. Other than that i don’t know.

So i just tried to log in with a guest account and then it’s just all works… WTF. What is the difference between my main account and my guest account? It’s such BS man im getting tired of this.

Already tried that but the system itself days there’s a 14 day queue

I’m seriously pissed off now with this. I tried everything now. Even chatted with xbox ambassadors and Microsoft Tech reps. No one knows these problems. They tell me too contact with TC. But they are just the worst in customer support… I’m fed up already playing with my guest account… Just crazy we have to wait over 14 days for maybe an answer of them

I’ve just logged off a conversation with a microsoft advisor as well…they just copypaste random stuff and shell commands. Tried asking if there’s some kind of limitations on the account but they had no clue and kept linking

I’ve pinged them on twitter but with no reply

care to retweet and ping them yourself?

Lol the Microsoft reps they were very friendly but they just told me: yeah just contact TC…

I reached out to them aswell on twitter and also on instagram. Even on youtube! It’s crazy

Anyhow i retweeted it mate! Hopefully we can get some info soon!


after a while I got a link to the already known gears5 support page…it’s 3 days and more now and I can’t still play on my main account…this is so sad