Cannot claim esport Kait

I just went from 14/60 right back to 0/60 with error codes

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Where is everyone seeing their progress? I’m on the Road to Gears 5 page as well as the stream and I’m not seeing any progress one way or the other.

Is there a different page that I should go to in order to see progress?

Edit: Never mind. Found it with the exclaimation point next to the chat. (0/60. Charming.)

This is typical of this company. It’s not broke. They are forcing people to watch to get the views so they can brag that x number of people tuned in. They’re “working on the fix”. SURE. I don’t care about e-league. I’m just a casual to average player. just want the character skin and I really was not planning to be on the stream for over 3 freakin’ hours!!!



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mine is literally stuck at 59/60. wtf

What’s even more embarrassing is why this isn’t addressed by the people I’m ■■■■■■■ listening to on stream. Why am I getting answers from twitch bots and Twitter? Why would you not just announce you understand? Why is this through twitch at all and not Mixer? This whole stream has been one large dumpster fire

Now I got networking errors, and I’m still stuck at 6/60!?

I watched 4hrs of the stream. It took 2hrs before i actually saw progression. 2hrs later… 9/60 :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::fire::-1: They screwed up ROYALLY! The character should have NEVER been behind a DAMN time wall!!!

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I watched 4 hours and 20 minutes to finally have 60 min counted.

This is ridiculous.


I know man. I watched for over an hour on my phone all logged in and it did not record 1 min watched. Switched to Xbox and it finally started moving. Changed to PC so daughter could use Xbox and it carried on but now it’s been stuck on 32 for over 1h now. Utter disappointed in this crap.


I have been watching for hours and when I checked it was at 0/60. I tried to reload a few times as it was suggested. Then it logged me out and it wouldn’t let me log back in. It will suck if I have to watch more. I don’t have all day to watch,

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I was finally able to get mine but the timer was so messed up. It ended up being 1 minute = 4-5 actual minutes per tick.

Dunno if they did this whole thing on purpose or not but if they didn’t they seriously need to overhaul that website or get rid of Maestro or whatever the issue is. Every time there’s a big event, the site messes up in one way or another.

Not a good look when you’re trying to bring new people into your product and they just end up leaving out of frustration.


I’ve been watching this ■■■■ for 4 hours and it’s only counted 11 minutes!? This is ■■■■■■■■!

You’d forget to think there was a world premiere of Gears 5 MP :eyes:

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I believe I’m having the same issue. Can someone please let me know where I can find the minutes tracker? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks in advance.

I would happily help you if I could, but I don’t think anyone has an idea.

It’s been messed up for many people, just keep trying to refresh and log in again, once it starts recording time just leave it alone.

I’m heading for borderlands 3 hehe

There was a tweet saying for anyone who has watched over 60 mins but still getting errors TC would be looking into it.

I refused to any challenges that involves time streaming videos. It’s a crap feast disaster.

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