Cannot claim esport Kait

I have watched over 60 minutes of the esport on July 13th and I can’t claim my reward.


Have you tried searching the forum?

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Pretty sure you need to wtach gameplay stream not them just talking in the beginning

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Been watching for about 90 minutes & it still says 0/60

  • will it backtack that I was watching or am i Screwed on the skin?

Yeah, I’m in the same boat. Have watched the entire stream and i’m still sitting at 0/60. I even logged out and logged back in and no progress.

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Octus tweeted they are aware that it is not working and they are fixing it BUT he also says there is a lot of gameplay left so everyone will probably have to continue watching this garbage…TC cant do anything right


Same with me. Still says 0/60 mins watched even though I have been watching the whole time. I hope it still counts.

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Is this how they hope to boost numbers keep the quest broken so people continue to watch?


can’t claim the kait either. Have been watching since the stream started. Dealt with login errors half a zillion times, then streaming issues with network error messages. When it finally starts to play the stupid garbage, nothing counts towards the 0/60 timer. If I didn’t already purchase gears 5, this nonsense would have definitely had me not bother! Ploy to get views for a crummy stream ='D


It’s now working for me, it only started not screwing up at 2;07 PM EST, I have been on that screen “watching” since 12:07 PM.

I am going to go back to my movie now, but that is garbage of how it was not counting at all for 2 hours.

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Not working,

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Still not working for me. Plus I’ve been sitting here for more than an hour.


Should be working now !! Mine just started counting.
If yours doesn’t start just be patience and refresh your page, and it should start

It reached 5/60 and stopped, stuck.

It only counts when the people are actually playing the game not talking and the other bull.

That doesn’t sound right, but I wouldn’t put it past them

That sucks really f-ing sucks!

I looked a few minutes ago and noticed when the match was not actually going, I might be wrong but that is what it seems like, and do not under estimate how dirty they can be, like EA do not think anything is “beneath them” or “to dirty”.

20/60 now for me, and time for me to head out now, will be back to chat later.

Good luck to everyone dealing with this garbage.

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Funny story here. Few days ago my modem and Xbox quit working with each other. 8 Microsoft techs couldn’t get it to working again. One tech next day from technical support from MIT. got it going in 20 mins.

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For me it’s only counted 1 minutes for 90 minutes Of watchtime!