Cannot change horde lobby name

I had a match a while back that I set as ‘wave 50 only’.

Now I wanted to start a frenzy game with the name ‘deposit until wave 6’ or even ‘deposit’

I either get the message 'title contains inappropriate language or it just goes back to my previous title.

Any ideas with this?

Deposit is a dirty word, don’t ya know? :laughing:


Happened to me once in escape lobby. I had to restart the game.

“Blood” is also a banned word. Which is a bit mental. I mean, it’s gonna be a shock when kids find out that they’re full of it!


Got to love perfectly functional word filters that are not totally overzealous or bugged beyond belief.

And no, restart didn’t fix it for me. The game still refuses to accept a 100% harmless title or reverts it back after entering it.

Tried a reboot. Go to change name to even ‘you’. Then it tells me unacceptable language and reverts back to my 50 wave lobby name.

So I can’t host at all!

Maybe ‘You’ are sooooo nasty for the game! :sweat_smile:

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Depends on the deposit :crazy_face:


Hehe… poop joke :poop:


So I will drop a ticket in because I still cannot change this in escape or horde. Reset the xbox and cannot get it to change from the lobby names I last set up from days/weeks ago. My escape lobby was simply called run from months ago and no matter what I change it to it stays as run or gives me an unacceptable warning.

How is best to submit video?

Everytime I try to change the lobby name in escape, it doesn’t change and says illegal words.

It’s broken…


@GhostofDelta2 who is this guy lol??? Should I tell him? Ot you want it? Lol bro you cant have explicit words to create your lobby name. This is a common feature amongst almost every major game title when name creating for characters or lobbies or anything else you have to name… do you really not… never mind

And just know nothing I said compromises your safety as you believe we are all out to get you, that is simply not the case. And why you keep posting in threads when you feel so attacked here is beyond me. But to each their own I guess.

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Here you can see the issue I have, first time the name doesn’t change when I go back and the 2nd time I get the warning for using ‘hello’

I will raise a ticket.

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