Cannot buy weekly rotation's items for coins anymore?

Seems they only available for iron 1 week and then just removed from store?


Wanted to buy the duo too… guess it’s because the Halloween stuff?

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Hmm you seem to be right…Tc going back to square one ?

I just hope it’s some mistake and will be fixed…Or they should warn us about this change at least.


This op if you reach General you win 2000 Iron.

Last op was 500 Iron.

Coincidence? I don’t think so

(Also, with this “model” you still have the FOMO factor and maintain players playing trying to win free Iron instead of buying. Many players are drowning in Gears coins, but not on Iron)

I’m assuming they will appear when the entire catalogue gets updated by TC, which we know is coming.
The store should be listing everything in the store bar exclusives. Heroic Lahni also vanished at close of Operation 8, so there should be updates to the store hopefully.

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A response on twitter :slight_smile:


Isn’t it the same model? I don’t think TC is incapable of changing the name to “season”, so my guess is that they’re probably gonna just remove that section and have new skins be added to the “Character Skins” section from now on. They just haven’t gotten around to it yet, or it’s already built, but it’ll be added in a weekly update. Otherwise, I don’t understand TC at all.

And such a bad and idiotic response! :unamused:

Nobody understand TC at all! :roll_eyes:

I think this is what they will do

I don’t think it’s a dev, so they gotta work with the info they’ve been given, or they just didn’t go into full detail, cause the idea hasn’t been finalized yet.

@TC_Clown needs to take a break from the next TC installment, and add the “season” section.

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Personally im gonna use that extra iron to remain in 2xp all the time. Before that it took 3 operations to get 1500. Now it seem one(or a season if you prefer) net you enough to buy 3 months so you should be able to remain on constant 2xp. And with the ammount of XP it need to get to max level… its not a luxury.

Awee man. I was under the impression people didn’t use Helmetless Akagi because people didn’t like her, now I’m figuring out that I rarely see her because she wasn’t available for Gears Coins? Sad day, everyone will run around with my dope skin now.

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Figures I should’ve just thrown my Iron at it instead of TC nonsense meaning that it’ll be a few extra weeks before I get the skin, but I wasn’t looking to get it that much that I wouldn’t wait a week for it.

Kinda dissapointing, I’m wondering if I should start using my Iron.
I had bought a bunch on release to support them as I had access via gamepass lol

But then they stopped us from being able to purchase the chrome steel stuff which made me sad.
I just have the Iron sitting there on my account xD