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Canceling preorder!

Gnasher distance damage needs to be tweaked, getting blown up from a mile away is ridiculous. As well as the delay between shots is upsetting.
Wall bounce is terribly inaccurate and killing people in close encounters is completely inaccurate. I myself can’t believe the way I end up killing people in this game . Straight bull crap but I guess that’s to be expected and the way to play this game . No skill needed anymore .
The percentage of shot connection is inconsistent !
The input lag between controller and server is horrible !
Taking damage from behind cover ?
The omen damage marker needs to be less intrusive!
This game has me debating if I should cancel my pre-order…the only thing I’m looking forward to is campaign which is very dissapointing for me.
I hope the second wave of this tech test gets better because im not sure if I’m gonna continue wasting my money on this franchise anymore. The direction this game is going is gonna end up just like Halo. Dead.
This game needs a ton of work before it released.!! My impression of this game is terrible and not looking forward to this release at all .

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