Canadian/US Heatwave

I don’t normally do this kind of post but I was reading about this at breakfast.

I’m talking regarding the brutal heatwave that has caused fatalities primarily in the West of Canada but also the North-West of the US.

Condolences to anyone affected by this and my thoughts go to many friends in these areas.

Stay safe.


it’s over


Dang. I heard about it. Guess the climate crisis is getting worse.

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thanks for being concerned neighbour to the south! we are surviving :slight_smile: xo lol


It’s 122 today with humidity

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Yeah, probably due to the electrical blackouts. We are waaaaay too advanced to be having blackouts. Happened in TX too in the name of green energy of course :roll_eyes: Why are we not investing in nuclear.

We have the resources to deal with these problems, we just have a mismanaged system run by idiots. NY time square being visible from space is a beautiful example of them just not giving a ■■■■ about the welfare of individual families. But i digress, i could go all day.

That sucks, crank that AC here in Florida its regularly 90’s with 80-100% humidity so i feel you. Lately we’ve been lucky.

Stay safe kings

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Good to see you’re alive J !!!