Can you turn off crossplay alltogether?

Is there a way to turn off crossplay altogether?

I was playing with a group on horde using the browser lobby we got to the 40’s and a guy left and got replaced, it happens. The replacement came along and moved the forge, thought they were just new so when they finally dropped it in a wall I picked it up and put it back. They then decided to move it across the map. Luckily because we had been using throughout the game I had been able to get my speed up and flew it back quicker than they could move so for some reasonthis person decided to start turning every fortification around or putting them in walls. Since they were on PC and the rest of us were Xbox players found it a lot slower to rotate back.

Problem was we had a few multipliers 2 advanced and survivor on. It seems that this person joined just to mess with us by moving everything on a match they knew if we died we would loose and not be able to continue. I am not saying PC players are normally like this as this is the first time I came across this juvenile behaviour but is there a way to turn off crossplay altogether.

2 things…

1 remove the persons GT its against the forum rules to call people out.

2 what does this have to do with PC players?? This is just a troll and you will come this regardless of what they use to play the game

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No, you can only toggle crossplay off for ranked only.

I played with him recently and he was a good player and teammate. As for the turning things around I see two possible reasons:
1.- He was trolling as you think you are or:
2.- He was actually saving the fortifications. Saving how? you might ask, it turns out that if you move something and place it where it physically cannot be (ex. stuck in a wall), then it will turn red and enemies won’t be able to destroy them. I use it every single time I see a boss (matriarch or carrier) about to destroy stuff,

I play engineer a lot so I know a thing or two.

Next time just report via xbox live if you’re unhappy with someone, doing it here serves no purpose since it is against forum rules.

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