Can you still earn competitive rewards in gears 4?

Title says all was wondering if you can still get that stuff.

Load up gears 4👀


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You certainly can still rank up and down or at least you could a couple of months back .:+1:

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What rank do you need to get the skins?

You can no longer obtain Gears of War 4 Ranked skins. They were claimable on Gears of War 4 old stat website once you reached the requirement to get them. Just like Gears 5, each season had different weapons.

It looked like this

This page is no longer available along with these skins.

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Why have it on a website instead of in game? lmao

I have no clue man. Before I think they automatically gave you the skins after you completed the requirements but then it got changed? TC is weird.

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I guess they’ll do the same with 5 when 6 comes out so they can accidentally on purpose remove competitive rewards and then push people towards 6. Cringe.

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