Can you still curb stomp?

After playing tech test and watching gameplay is it still possible to curb stomp a downed opponent? If not I’m sure they will come out with it I’m just not sure which gun they would attach the execution to though

Any thoughts on this?


I’ve been wondering this myself.

Yes, bots where doing it in the tech test. You probably have to unlock it and use it has a card? We’ll soon find out.

Curb Stomp will be something you can do post-launch.

Well we also gotta remember that bots also curb stomped in judgement and yet there wasn’t an option for the player, but I’m inclined to believe that it won’t be the same case for Gears 5 (I hope).

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I forgot about that. Good shout.

Octus confirmed that the Curb stomp isn’t in gears 5. Only bots can do it.

This is obviously so they can sell it to us later on, sadly.



wow…just…wow smh :man_facepalming:

That’s kind of crappy but if it’s coming at a later date then I’m good with it, it’s not Gears without the curb stomp.

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I have a feeling it’ll be and unlock for the lancer and it will be free

Surely not. They can’t make the game any worse. It’s like it’s a damn studio consisting of no genuine Gears of War fans, just Gears eSports fans.

If it doesn’t appear post-launch…well, to be honest at this stage I can’t be anymore disappointed in Rod.

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As much as it will be disappointing considering it has always been my favorite execution. I have to say having multiple executions per gun and having that throat slice execution when holding a grenade might be a fair trade.

I have high hopes that’s it’ll be worth it In the end. Judgements executions felt so non existent that not being able to curb stomp really bothered me. In this case though the OG curb stomp might finally be outdated.

On the other side of the argument I can’t understand why the option would not be there. It literally takes one button to program. It’s not like they ran out of buttons to use for it. Them not adding it will come across lazy in the end. They must be extremely confident in their upcoming loadojt executions.

Then Gears is bleeding out.

This paragraph would be better as your entire post:


They need to understand that Gears is for fun and the ones that want to sweat it out in ultra competitive environments are a small minority.

And the ones willing to watch it are an even smaller amount.

I love gaming and Gears but couldn’t care less about eSports.

The only sports I like are Football :soccer: and Boxing :boxing_glove:!

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A very small and thoroughly unentertaining minority! The thought of a game studio putting the majority of their efforts to cater for eSports beyond insane, never mind having one of them actually come out and say it’s part of their official plan.

Say what you want about Cliff, but when it came to designing the man prioritised Gears of War as an enjoyable single player and multiplayer experience without the slightest thought of “eSports” crossing his mind.

And yes, a wee birdie once told me you were a Man United fan :scream:.

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damn I thought my game was buggy…there is no stomp.

im wondering if they have a tap execution category? if they have one then we can get more knife executions like heart stab or just multiple stabs.