Can you olease let us save our in game money to use in gears 5

Please, pretty please, will you let us keep our funds and maybe even a few skins, it might give people instentive to pick this gamd back up before the release of gears 5

You just like making threads, don’t you?

I like giving my 2cents, i know the people at the coalition read these posts, if some one does speak up then they wont change anything and i know they are listening, i came up with the idea of submission because i was so desperate to have some sort of capture flag , but i called it capture the leader, you can find the thread on the gears of war 2 forums long before sunbmission was a thing

Been asked before and it won’t happen. IF we are lucky, they would let us choose one character to carry over and that is highly unlikely. They want you to grind for credits and skins. Anything to keep players playing their game


If anything carries over to gears 5 it will be the iteams we have paid money for IE the black steel characters and skins

No. That defeats the whole point of all future initial Gears 5 Credit rewards. Of course it’s not going to be that easy.

…although they may reward you with an unscrappable Smiley Snub for having Gears 4! :grin: