Can you not play as swarm in AI vs Co-op?

I’ve just installed the game and have played the 7th match in a row on AI vs Co-Op and each time i have played as the boring cog. Are you really telling me that they added this new game mode, just for them to half ■■■ it and only let you play as half of the factions?

What is the point in this? What if people prefer to play against AI? Why limit them to play as half of the available characters?

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You can’t currently but they want to add it later. It’s not a priority right now according to them.

In other words, don’t hold your breath.

** You have been officially banned tc sends their deepest condolences. Have a great day **

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Just came back for Op 5 and this has been annoying us as well. With so many characters on that side it feels like a waste not to use them more.

And when MP usually involves me shooting someone to find out I’ve already been killed by the person I just shot, I prefer to keep the people / ping down.

If such a thing exists at TC as a list of suggestions with how many people have requested it, I just wanted to add another name to it.

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That woul’d be a good Idea, maybe they ought to do a version of horde too where you play as the swarm against cog soldiers with shepherds replacing rejects and for the ones that are shielded and you have to kill the drone to remove the shield that drone could be Jack, I don’t play much except co-op Vs Ai, Horde and the occasional Escape, with all the swarm characters i’ve bought they seem to go to waste and have hardly leveled up since the game came out, when playing a game wether it were AI Vs Co-op or Horde there should be something in setup to choose which side you want to be on and get some use out of the spawn, especially if like me you don’t play ranked or PvP a lot because those players are just too good, this could be good to practice as Swarm and get better, I have noticed 9 times out of 10 the Cog win.

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