Can you not lose Masters Rank?

I have several friends that have it in several modes and they say they can’t lose it is that true?

I was watching Shadowz stream the other day and he was getting destroyed in a few games. Lost 0 points.

It does seem like it’s hard to lose it once you get it. Probably someone in the D3 tier has to play so well they bump someone out.

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I’m Master’s in e 3 playlists and this hasn’t happened to me yet, and 2 of them are not high at all (Like, top 70% or something like that) and I’ve gone for days not touching a playlist because I move onto the next playlist once I get Masters in something.

That’s lead me to believe that’s not possible… Or there just aren’t that many people competing with that high of a rank… I’d have to believe world-wide, somebody would’ve knocked me off those playlists by now if possible, right?..

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