Can you mute a player that says ´Dum$$$´ or Lame´ or something else every 5 seconds

Title says it all


nope, we’re stuck with it


I quit games for this


If someone is very annoying and spams it constantly i just turn off voice audio for the rest of that game. Its sad I can’t just mute emotes but it is what it is.


at least it should have a cool down but dam, these players actual get on and think it’s hilarious


I message, and if they don´t stop i quit

Like Koty said, you can only turn voices of completely, which is bad cause you won’t hear important things either.
Would be nince for next time if you could in game mute either special emotion or selected players, like with voice chat.

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So people who like them spent iron for nothing? A barely visible transparent “black” weapon skin set was “accidentally” released for sale and people went ape ■■■■.

If TC makes it so you can mute emotes, those people lost their money. I don’t think they want a repeat.

TC could add a volume slider for emotes as its own thing.

I was having a rough few games of execution and the emote spamming is really annoying to put up with. Myrrah’s obnoxious laugh emote will be forever etched into my brain.


Bro it’s become unbearable lately…the ■■■■■■■, ■■■■■■ my tomatoes up, and Lame every 7 seconds makes me wanna jump off the tallest building…most times they wear themselves out but lately these kids have stamina…One guy gave me the lame the entire 50 waves…all wave long…for 50 waves…I was not a happy camper


Players will always find ways to be unbearable. Like existing, for example.

But I’d be damned if I’d let something like that make me quit the match.


They were Casan right?


HaHAAA, HAhahaha! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

And now i can hear it…mwaahaa hah ha

I would rather be tbagged and face punched for 15 seconds than hear these emotes every 3 seconds for 15 minutes. The emote spam is far more annoying than any of the toxic crap that has been in the series for over a decade


Man, a couple swear words bother you that much… Just quit games in general then. Go back to your little bubble, take your tampon out, and cry to your mom. Maybe she will throw a lawsuit at the coalition for upsetting her baby bear so much… lmfao

Of course not! They paid for their emotes so you have to hear it! How dare you suggest a player not be able to spam an emote whenever they can!

Lol so it is important for people others see their emotes ? Weird argument.
I only bought some for giggles at the MVP screen, otherwise Thanks, Yes, No, Group up would suffice.(Although even that could be spammed.)

Or wait was that sarcasm ?

Swear words ?Is there even any ? The spamming is annoying

Now would you please take a tampon, you’re bleeding on the floor oh wait that’s tears shed for emotes.
And it’s not our fault your mommy never loved you.


There IS a cooldown… Lol, i got a msg from the server about emote cooldown period, haha, when we (as a 5 team, coordinating) were spamming Bernie’s Oj! :grin:

But it only works to stop constant, and i mean as fast as you can press it spamming. Doesnt work on every few seconds spamming…

Guys… TC will not be developing new game funcionality at this point, especially one which involves new UI controls.