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Can you kick people in custom horde lobbies?

Yes you can can’t remember how though.
I hosted one the other day I thought I was funny.
I was playing splitscreen with my wife.
I could kick the 3 randoms. But could remove my wife. What’s the difference lol

do you get experience in custom lobbies cause public Horde is unplayable as we all predicted

I haven’t had it happen but I’ve heard of some Jack players trolling peoples matches by grabbing the fabricator and planting it somewhere only Jack can reach then leaving the match. I sure hope you can kick people in a custom horde. When my brother and his son get a copy we plan to do a 3 man horde. I’d like to open it to 2 randoms so we have a full team but incase one of those randoms is a ■■■■ I want to be able to get rid of them.

Node responded to me on Twitter saying it’s a bug. I’m glad it’s not intentional. Hopefully they will fix it in a reasonable amount of time.

I dont think that not being able to kick players from private horde is a glitch its intentional the colition obviously wants to force real horde players to play with idiots who couldnt care less about the whole point of horde which is to go 1to50 without failure . They force good players to play with bad players and no matter what rank they are they are still put in the game with idiots who dont care what your rank is they wont take advice from experienced players which makes public horde unplayable 9 out of 10 times . I dont understand why the colition cant get this thru thier thick skulls. Why cant they please the casual gamer and the hardcore gamer with a filter that allows you to search for matches that have players with the same ranking or close? The bad gamers can all play together and the seriuos horders can play together its a win win versus the lose lose situation we currently have


How is this even possible,jack can bearly drag the fab,so putting it in a unreachalbe positition seem unlikely.

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Like I said I “heard” of people doing this but haven’t seen it. I know Jack can get to spots other people can’t because he can float. I’m assuming they pick up stuff and drop it on top of things where the icon is red. It’s not properly planted but it can be picked up and placed somewhere else. Thing is only Jack can reach it because he floats.

The fabricator can not be put down when it’s red. There’s no such thing as “not properly planted”, and it cannot be dragged upwards off the ground, hence it can’t even be brought up ledges. I “heard” you’re gullible.

He’s not, I played with the guy that was doing it. Mainly what he would do to lose your matches for you is drag your defenses out in the open in the late round horde matches and boss waves, and then drag your fabricator somewhere safe and not let go of it so that you couldn’t use it to Rez people.

That isn’t what he said. He said Jack was putting the fabricator in unreachable areas and leaving, not “moving defenses around and holding on to the fabricator”. Don’t try and dispute what I say, when you’re not even following the conversation accurately.

They really need to fix this. Clowns need kicked. Idiots that never deposit, put fortifications in stupid places and move them back when you fix the placement, or just sit somewhere safe and do absolutely nothing- just for a free ride, have GOT TO GO. I’d much rather give someone else a chance to join, or even take a bot over these numbskulls.

Okay, nitpicker. Pick more nit. The gist of what he said what true, dude was trolling by making the fabricator unavailable. Don’t act smug because he had one small detail wrong.

Excuse me?

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I dont think this game can be saved nobody knows how to play anymore any real horde players have moved on to better games the ones that are left will for ex. Players Place the fab in the middle of the map on elite or above while using low level chars its a total cluster… Over and over again it doesnt matter if you join a custom lobby or host a game it all the same crap. If you set conditions for joining players this brings all the trolls out or people who cant read 5 word sentences you just end end up wasting 2hours banging your head against the wall wodering why you are even bothering with this garbage game. Maybe tc will figure things out eventually but im done testing this broken game for these crooks that have their heads shoved so far up their ■■■■■ they havent seen daylight for years rod fergusen you are a joke of game dev you coulnt make a good gears game if your life depended on it maybe when the colition goes belly up which it will you can take your sorry ■■■ back to epic and beg them to take you back if they wont maybe you can get a job at mcdonalds you pathetic waste of space

Custom lobbies have alot of good players playing master actually. The title of the lobby indicates the strategy, use a mic, and you’ll find lots of good players. I’ve added a dozen new horde friends in the past month. Lots of players play by very strict strategies and it’s important to communicate and agree on strategies before the match. Kicking players, especially AFK players and griefers is essential. Coalition needs to add this ASAP, It makes no sense that the host can kick a player in the pre-game lobby but not in the match.


Okay, guy who apparently lacks reading comprehension skills, go brush up on your comprehension of reading. You still aren’t getting it. I wasn’t “acting smug because of one detail.” His entire comment was based on “hearing” that Jack could carry the fab and float up to unreachable areas, (which is impossible) then quitting. Then you came in with these slightly related, but ultimately irrelevant comments about people trolling in other ways, which actually are possible. It’s sad that I’ve to explain this to you twice already, and you’re still replying directly to me with nonsense. Just. Stop.

Ah sorry mate hahaha that’s not directed at you specifically, unless you tend to display behaviour that’s worthy of kicking :wink: trolling, playing completely selfishly in a particulay cohesive team-based mode, being afk for regularly extended time-frames, etc. Etc.
I’d assume you’re aware of the fact “clown” is a common label for idiots, and don’t take my comment personally.

That’s quite a wall of text just to say “Yes, I nitpick because I can’t handle being publicly contradicted”. Sokay, everyone else already knows, man.

No worries, I don’t even play Horde

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I had this a minute ago when i hosted a public match, some one came in as JD and kept taking $7000 out of the fabicator to refill his grenades. There was a weapon locker right next fabricator with two free slots…go figure, cost us the game.

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