Can you guys please stop it with the Heavy weapon kills tour objectives?

I play competitive and there are no heavy weapons. I just tried doing it in a private match and nothing happened. Meaning I will have to play Arcade or Horde/Escape. I get that you want people to circulate and play different modes, but this is becoming bothersome.

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Just play custom with bots and swap all weapons. You’ll finish in less than 5 minutes


If you wanna do it the hard way, then play FFA and pick Checkout. There’s a Mulcher in the middle that’s good for a handful of kills. For an easier route, play Coop v. AI and pick something like Icebound.

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I tried that, but it didn’t work.

Oh no having to play a mode you don’t like for tour objectives, that must be so awful

Make sure you pick Online Private Match and not LAN Private Match for progress against bots.

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Works fine for me. I just do Arcade Blitz and choose Cole or Myrrah.

I do FFA 8 player swap all weapons to relic retro lancer. Turn kills to 100 for a win. Match takes maybe 15 mins. I do 100 kills so i can hit the op TOD medals for 5000 kills

Here’s the easiest way:

Pick custom private match. Pick whatever mode you want (I always go with king of the hill, but that’s me). Adjust the settings so you play for as long as you want. Lock your teams slots so less bots can steal kills.pick a map with range, like blood drive or clocktower. Change all weapons to the relic retro lancer. Profit.

The relic retro counts as a heavy weapon and it fires shots like bombs, so you can demolish the opposing team in seconds. Enjoy!

It should be clarified that you should pick to host an Online match and not the LAN option.

It’s the third option in the Versus menu.

This 100% works so you’re definitely picking the wrong option.


But I’m guessing you don’t have a problem with the Versus ToD and daily objectives for people who only play PVE?

Am I right, am I right?

And yes, as others have rightly pointed out, daily objectives absolutely work in a private Versus game as I did some explosive kills in that mode yesterday.

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I am near certain that I killed someone with the Trishot on Reclaimed just the other day in Comp.

Host custom ONLINE game with only bots, replace all weapons with Heavy Weapons.
If that doesn’t work something is broken for you.

If it’s Heavy Weapons in Escape or Horde(does that even happen ?), Beginner Horde Frenzy, buy Heavy Weapon be done in Wave 1

Lateral thinking:

Play as Pilot. Use SB. Done.


I second that. They really need to get rid of those tour objectives now that they’ve removed heavy weapons from PVP. I’m not going to waste time doing that vs bots.

Then reroll the objective ?

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Err wait if he only does PVP his SB won’t have any weapons though.

Life’s tough for some people huh?

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I do that. But when I 've already rerolled before it resets, I’m too cheap to spend iron .

Eh well then wait till next day.
Iron is really easy to come by now though with the new ranks.

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