Can you guys bring back Golden Gun?

… just for me? Pretty please. It hasn’t been a month yet and I’m already itching for another fix. Oh and even make it a ranked playlist this time. I know for sure me and a few guys I’ve seen would be Diamond 5 in it, no question. You could make it FFA and I’d still come out on top.

I know, I know… as ridiculous as this sounds, hear me out. Everybody has their own niche on Gears 4. What some people may be decent at, they could excel at with a few tweaks here and there. I mean, if you wanted to make public horde a ranked playlist too, I wouldn’t say no to that. Just look at some of the guys we got on here, like Horde Legend, Ektope, Mendigo2005, Krylon Blue… Those guys would be the diamond masters of public horde.

Bringing back OSOK and making it Ranked would definitely help alot with reviving the player base alone. It’d be a montager’s dream come true. I also know 1 or 2 guys who could easily get diamond in Arms Race if it were ranked too, some of those guys are good enough to get a kill on every weapon switch. I hate it myself but you get where I’m coming from. I know some of you guys wouldn’t mind having 2v2/BTTE as Ranked, amirite!?

What do you say, TC?? Let’s make season 5 a little bit more interesting, shall we? Bring everything back permanently to revive playbase since everyone has their preferences on what to play AND make it all ranked (core or comp tuning, don’t care) this time so everyone can have a showcase on how good they are within that specific game mode. I mean, I know I would want all the other guys in my lobby to quiver in fear with their knees shaking when they see that intimidating diamond 5 symbol next to my name and go all ‘ooh’ and ‘ahhs’, ‘check this dude out, he must be on somethin’ type of whispering bants before all the massacring begins. I have been called an aimbot/red dot tape cheater in GG many, many times. But if I play KOTH, nobody would know how good I’d destroy them in GG if I don’t do well in KOTH, for instance. :grin:

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Realistically, it won’t happen:

  • Regarding special events, they are always rotated, it wont really be called a special event if it comes back too often now.

  • Don’t think Arms Race is ever going to come back as Ranked mode given the low popularity/playlist activity.

  • As for OSOK as ranked playlist, it seems like the playlist was designed to be a social special playlist, don’t think it would be that easy to make it a ranked playlist. Plus I see it will attract cheaters out of the woodwork if it was a ranked mode.

We just had it. Feels like it’s been forever since KOTG.

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Indeed, was it on competitive tuning before I cant remember. If it does return, it will be interesting to see how it plays with comp 2.8

I had a feeling you’d say that lol. Im sure most of us would be okay with something like Bunny Hunt or the one where you shoot chickens out of the boomshot as a form of special event (just a little tweaking with some costume changes with some 2/3/4XP thrown in). I guess what I’m really trying to say here is… Gears 4 needs a little more variety and a little something to show for that variety (hence, making it Ranked to have a symbol next to your name to show how good you are so people can have something to play for).

At this stage in the game, with Gears 5 dropping in like less than a year (assuming), what do we have to lose?

As for the cheaters you mentioned, there’s always that crossplay option to be turned off, but honestly I’ve not seen more than 2-3 cheaters in 2 years of playing Gears 4 in ranked, or even social and I don’t have crossplay turned off. Maybe theres not alot in my region, I don’t know.

Indeed variety is nice, but like 90% of the studio working on Gears 5. Gears 4 is supported only by the Live Team and we dont know how many people that team is compromised of to deal with Gears 4

I feel the ship has sailed with Gears 4. But in terms of events, definitely would love to hae seen more creative events.

Though I wonder if they could actually blend two special events together to make something awesome.

Not that I recall but wouldn’t it be brilliant for them to make one with comp tuning to attract core players and show them how quality 2.8 is.

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No. Please no. These events are meant to be fun, that’s why they’re in social. If you involve a rank you’ll suck the fun right out of it. People go for blindies and let people up (usually) in normal OSOK. You really think a team going for Diamond 5 is going to do that?

Nope, they’ll just sit back and try to get kills anyway they can and won’t bother to have fun which is what these events are about. Same with Golden Gun. I could just sit up top on Blood Drive with my team in the literal spawn room and let all of you come down that narrow doorway and get easy kills. That would not be fun.

While I’m all for variety, not everything would work. KOTG would work because there’s no cheesy way to play as you have to push hills. But those game modes, I wouldn’t want added to ranked.